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    • StevenFlorida


      Allen Memorial Municipal Coliseum - Fort Wayne, US on 15 Dec 1977

      17 years old, went to see Styx.I had never heard of the opening band.I was right up front and ready to listen to some nice jams.Then the stage just erupted, and the band
      started throwing out tunes I had never heard but I liked it.The lead guitarist was dressed like a schoolboy and the lead singer was like a wild man.Suddenly the spotlights were in my eyes,I heard the crowd roar as Bon Scott came running by me with Angus Young on his shoulders, playing his guitar and almost bowling me over as he brushed by me.

      It still ranks as the most intense performance I have ever seen and I'm glad I was able to catch them when they were young,hungry,and up and coming.

      When Styx took the stage they gave a decent performance but IMHO they were upstaged by the lads from Oz.

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    • dwain-dibley


      Caley Cinema - Edinburgh, UK on 31 Oct 1976

      I first saw ac/dc on Scottish tv mid 1976 {rolin bolan late night special} and was hooked there and then . in oct 1976 they played the Edinburgh caley cinema myself and 2 friends went along and it was superb all you need for a concert....loud/good venue/loud/mixed crowd/loud...still cannot believe its going to be 40 years since that gig ........still listen to it every so often and just imagine it all over again

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    • anonymous


      Olympic Stadium - Montreal, Canada on 31 Aug 2015

      Band was good, seats were overpriced in the parterre and the venue was horrible. I had a terrible view (doesn't even count as a view, I paid over $100 to see ACDC and I couldn't even SEE them). Security was mean, tried to kick girls out of their seats. Sound system sucked, so much echoing. I'd pay to see ACDC again, but never at this venue again, I honestly felt like a bad quality YouTube video would be 1000x more satisfying than my seats. If you wanna see ACDC make sure its a good venue because this one was not worth my time or money

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    • Saymon


      Totally agree! I hope we will see them again :)


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