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Black Sabbath

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    • anonymous


      Madera Speedway - Madera, US on 01 Sep 1975

      1975,i was just married,i was 19, we went to this concert,smoked slot of weed,my ex had helped build the stage so he received two tickets,I met a friend of his that night by the name of Scott,little did we know we would be married ten years latter,Scott and I and it was the best 30 yrs of our lives,he passed away 5/28/16, I would sure love a list of Performer's that were there in Sept and also the bands from June or July of the same year. Thank you, Items L

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    • anonymous


      Forsyth Barr Stadium - Dunedin, New Zealand on 30 Apr 2016

      What a night. Tony Iommi, thanks for creating doom metal (along with Blue Cheer)... and he's vegan too (bonus points). Awesome performance. Not easy to carry the atmosphere in a stadium.. but they pulled it off. A doom-metal gig in a rugby stadium at the bottom of the earth attended by 10,000 people... good times.

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    • Mr_Mojo_Risin


      Indianapolis Convention Center - Indianapolis, US on 05 Dec 1975

      Black Sabbath with special guest, Kansas. This was the concert immediately after the New York Madison Square Garden show. The band was on a high because they were winding down on a great tour. I had just purchased the new album "Sabotage". What an album. Still my favorite Sabbath LP of all time.

      I had never seen such a crowd like this one. There was an air of total drugged-out craziness. Everyone looked like they were completely spaced out on some type of illegal substance. We walked by the right hand side of the stage and watched some people in the crowd lift up a girl and pass her over the barriers to the security force. She was all dressed in black, had jet black hair, black lipstick and was passed out. Her pale, sickly white face was a heightened contrast to the color of her clothes and makeup. It looked like as if she were dead. It was very creepy looking. We made our way into the back of the crowd and started walking towards the front of the stage to get as close as we could. It was general admission with no reserved seats and standing room only on the floor area. About 25 rows away from the front stage we could push our way no further into the crowd and we stopped there and were ready to enjoy the show. It was about 10 minutes past 8pm and the music being played over the sound system was the King Crimson song "Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part I)".

      Ozzy, as usual, was getting the crowd rowdy the entire evening. I remember the songs played from the Sabotage LP that night were "Symptom Of The Universe", "Hole in the Sky" and "Megalomania"

      We made our way out to the exit doors which abruptly exited from the arena directly onto a busy street. The cold & crisp December air hit my face like a cold, wet towel. There were four guys in front of us and one was holding a red carnation while telling the story of Bill Ward throwing the flowers into the crowd after the last song. [Bill Ward’s signature for the Sabotage tour was a new drum set with a giant clamshell-shaped fiberglass shell which bounced the drum sounds towards the audience. On the front of his snare & tom kits was a bunch of red carnations in a vase].

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    • anonymous


      Atlas Arena - Lodz, Poland on 11 Jun 2014

      The concert was amazing. During a lot of songs everybody stood up (place with seats)+ everybody at field jumped. All people sang songs. The best concert in my life.

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    • anonymous


      Du Arena - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 29 May 2014

      Simply amazing.
      I was hoping for a good concert, and one that wasn't just some kind of superannuation tour.

      What we, as punters, got was a music experience that few will ever forget.

      Sharp, played all the stuff that people wanted to hear AND contained the best live drum solo I've ever had the privilege of seeing.

      Rock and Roll. ROCK and ROLL \m/

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