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      Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, US on 27 Sep 2014

      Venue was fantastic, weather perfect, crowd solid but well behaved and the music was tremendous especially Rusted Root and Blues Traveler. One bizarre incident I encountered - attendees were all tailgating with coolers and grills, drinking and eating, etc. in the parking area as with most similar events. I decided to walk up to toward the gate to see if they'd opened the gate since there had been a delay and I had a can of diet soda in my hand. The guy providing direction to the gate, ticket table and will-call pointed to the sign at the gate that read "no outside food or drinks" and said "hey, the sign says no outside drinks". I responded that I was wasn't going in yet (just like any other music event, sporting event or when I'm going through airport security, I was going to finish my drink before entering). The guy barked "HEY, ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND THERE DRINKING THAT IN FRONT OF ME". I thought he was kidding so I just took another sip. He barked "OKAY BUD, I CAN BE A D*CK TOO.... GO BACK YOUR CAR!" I didn't see the point in his anger so naturally, I just finished my drink and went into the park. I've been to dozens of festivals and hundreds of concerts and sporting events but I've never been to a venue or event of any sort where a worker had no concept of the idea that "no outside food or drink" means INSIDE the show, not OUTSIDE. I was shocked at his lack of understanding but I was more shocked that he'd be personally insulting to a paying customer.

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