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Dark Tranquillity

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    • anonymous


      Venue - Vancouver, Canada on 22 Jan 2015

      I think sound issues in Dark Tranquility's set marginalized an otherwise almost perfect gig (good crowd with no stupidity level or pushing). People in the middle rows before/after the moshpit still struggled to hear Mikael Stanne's vocals, and if you moved right to the stage, you were essentially only listening to an instrumental band. I heard the first 2 DT songs from back where the sound mixer guy was sitting, and vocals were a bit more audible there - however anywhere near the stage and you were literally listening to a band playing Dark Tranquility songs as instrumentals.

      But Insomnium vocals were more than just audible, they were powerful. I wonder what happened with Dark Tranquility there? Mikael is a powerful vocalist as well so I can't imagine he was the problem. I have seen these 2 same bands before in London, England and the sound was way better in that small venue (Camden Underworld) than The Venue (which is a way more better developed).

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    • anonymous


      Sputnik Halle - Münster, Germany on 22 Nov 2014

      The band was unmotivated and seemed to be quite burnt out from the tour. More surprising was the fact that they were only 4 on stage this evening and Stanne did not say a word about that fact. Quite strange...and not very nice playing a whole concert without the bass.
      I really like them, but this was disappointing.

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