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John Legend

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    • anonymous


      Grand West's Grand Arena - Cape Town, South Africa on 17 Nov 2014

      No words can descibe what I experienced being in that Grand Arena. I do beg that John Legend does come back and soon.

      I would attend the next concert and the next one... It was truly amazingly perfect.

      If I ever had to describe Heaven: " A live performace by John Legend." For those two hours, nothing else existed.

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    • anonymous


      Torwar Hall - Warsaw, Poland on 24 Oct 2014

      John Legend is an amazing person. He's a super star, but still modest. During the concert he maintained funny and engaging communication with audience, making concert more attractive. John gave 100% of him - beautiful voice, great piano, intimate atmosphere and energy. Sound quality was very good and lightning also matched concert atmosphere. Maybe Torwar isn't the best place for concerts (it lacks some atmosphere, because it's rather sports hall than concert hall), but overall it was a great experience.

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    • anonymous


      Newcastle City Hall - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK on 07 Oct 2014

      Johe legend, live in newcastle was Amazing, I've been to lots of live concerts and seen some great artists but nothing prepeard me for what i was about to whitness, what an Awesome man he is, good stories to tell about his rise to stardome, "FANTASTIC SHOW "
      10 OUT OF 10, FIRST CLASS
      thanks to john and all the band
      Also judith hill, wow what a singer " Super star " love her.

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