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Meat Loaf

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    • anonymous


      Sands Bethlehem Event Center - Bethlehem, US on 17 Nov 2015

      have two extremely happy Daughters.Thanks to Meatloaf ....They have been listening to their Father and my albums for years.swore someday they would go to see him.Now we can't shut them up...They loved HIM!!!! took tons of pic' s. I'm happy to see he looks exactly the same! Keep rockin Meatloaf!

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    • anonymous


      Seneca Allegany Events Center - Salamanca, US on 14 Nov 2015

      Meatloaf has an amazing stage presence, but his voice was a little lacking. Still an amazing concert, 1 more thing checked off the bucket list. For the amount of money we spent on tickets, I wish we would have been able to hear meats voice better and that we could understand him! I still live you meatloaf!!

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    • Alwizard2004


      Paragon Casino Resort - Marksville, US on 31 Oct 2015

      Meat Loaf put on a good Show but your no Camera Policy and Your Nazi Storm trooper Security Made this one of the worst concert in over fourty Years of going to Shows , We payed extra to be in the Front Row which should have been a good deal but Your Security where totally Crazy climbing over chairs to grab people's phones and grabbing people this was done several times in plain view it was a short Black security guy and several people complained people from row 3 back where taking pictures all during the Show but the front two rows where harrased and abused He did not grab Me because with 20 Years of Military training you would have had to hire another tyrant Meats Voice was not what it once was but the rest of the Band made up for His abilities

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