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Michael Bolton


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    • anonymous


      American Music Theatre - Lancaster, US on 15 Jun 2015

      My wife and I have enjoyed listening to Michael perform for over 25+ years. I had the pleasure of seeing my first Michael Bolton concert in Wilmington, DE during his birthday in 2014. My wife could not make that concert so we both saw him when he was in the area in Allentown, PA at the Sands in late 2014 or early 2015. I just got back from his concert in Lancaster, PA and I'm sorry but it was the worse concert I have seen Michael put on since we have seen him in concert. The concert was a little more than an hour (8:12pm-9:22pm) and he was on stage for maybe 9 songs total. We very much enjoy hearing Nassun Dorma and Steel Bars and neither song was done. My wife said maybe he was not feeling well again or that his voice was not up for either of these songs. However, as a fan, he should listen to both good and bad criticism of what fans think of his concerts and performances. I look forward to see him again in concert but can not express enough how disappointed I was seeing him perform in Lancaster last night.

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    • lueogold


      Place Des Arts - Montreal, Canada on 11 Mar 2015

      I have seen Michael on four continents and was somewhat disappointed with this concert's performance. I travelled a long distance by plane to attend this concert in poor health and truly had hoped he would have sang for the two hour venue from 8:00 pm till 10:00 pm not to have the show end abruptly at 8:40 pm. I listened to many comments of those who had attended who shared the same feeling as I did that he did not put his 100% into this concert. I was somewhat disappointed as I have seen Michael perform much better than this. He appeared jaded and heart not in his singing. I felt that the people of Montreal were very gracious toward Michael giving continued standing ovations only to have him end the show in such a manner. I thought he might have done the Halleluia written by Leonard Cohen who was from Montreal and it seemed only fitting. I hear since this concert that one of his concerts were cancelled due to poor health. I hope and pray that Michael will recover and be his best ever. Perhaps it is time to take a break from touring for awhile and spend some quality time with family.

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    • anonymous


      Centre in The Square - Kitchener, Canada on 05 Jun 2014

      Although Michael was excellent (when he sang), the entire evening was a disappointment. He took the stage at 8:45 (after an orchestra warm up band had played four songs followed by a 20 minute intermission). The show was over at 10:20. During his 95 minute show, he left the stage twice for extended periods of time while every member of his band played an instrumental solo, and while his two back up singers each sang songs. He further sang duets with his back up singers - the crowd came to hear Michael, not his back up singers. I paid $105 each for two tickets. I expected to see a two hour Michael Bolton show, not a 95 minute show that largely featured other performers. I left feeling ripped off.

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