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    • Shark


      Küçükçiftlik Park - Istanbul, Turkey on 22 Mar 2015

      Opeth performance was absolutely above anything else. Very sensitive tones from all members were evident and which has little to do with original tracks. This made a listener eager to discover what Opeth has to offer at some point in the concert.
      The singer's comments on the age group have no doubt the right to see the light. However, it's even more childish not to have a accept giving 10 seconds time to take a photo with someone who has been a fan for 15 years.
      Attitude comes first, "Opeth!"
      Some Opeth members were surprised that some fans were not let in after the show was over so they had to turn most people down right before they leave.
      The area dedicated was too cramped for a rock concert.
      The sound quality wasn't at it's best from all different angles despite the efforts.
      It was shame how people were divided into classes although it is a privilege that most be given to those who pay more. But the point was the empty spaces even in the first class-ticket area.
      Security over reacted toward smoking and taking photographs. It goes without thinking that with this kind of music, a cigarette is a best friend.

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    • anonymous


      The Circus - Helsinki, Finland on 12 Nov 2014

      Opeth was awesome as always. However, after they ended I went straight in line to buy some merchandise and had this conversation with the seller:
      "What's on the back of this shirt?"
      "Can I look?"
      "No. It's not for sale."
      "It's not my fault you didn't come earlier."

      Grade A customer service there. I don't really understand why they closed right after the gig anyway, who buys anything while the bands are playing?

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    • anonymous


      Alcatraz - Milan, Italy on 03 Nov 2014

      Sono Dei in terra! Non si poteva avere di meglio in un concerto così. Come da commento precedente: scaletta del tutto inaspettata! Growl da paura!

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