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Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles SOURCE

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    • anonymous


      Bierkeller - Bristol, UK on 15 May 2015

      A stunningly tight and inspired psychedelic set from the legends of space rock and beyond.Old and new tracks flowed into our minds and took us instantly away to that happy place of musical bliss.They know what they're doing and they do it so well that it seems almost effortlessly sublime.But what band can do what the Ozrics can do?Not many.The old favourites sounded fresh and were greeted as old friends and the new ones opened up unexplored expanses in the minds eye.We all danced,cheered and grinned our way through a superb set that seemed to end far too soon.How can you put constraints on music that knows no boundaries?They came,they played,we absorbed,understood,danced and were happy.
      Come back soon,we miss the magic spark already.

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    • anonymous


      Locomotiv Club - Bologna, Italy on 06 May 2015

      The awesomeness was real :) I love you guys, your music is devine and Brandi you are so sexy. You helped me reach the vacuum and open my third eye chakra :D hope you will come back in Bologna someday. Namastè.

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