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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan SOURCE TOP 100

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    • anonymous


      Foellinger Theatre - Fort Wayne, US on 25 Sep 1985

      I was there and enjoyed the show, but I must admit that before the concert I knew little about SRV.My brothers girlfriend worked at a radio station and would sometimes get me free tickets to concerts.She gave me the ticket and I went and was quite impressed with SRV and company.The theatre is like a clamshell setup, and is a relatively small venue,so it was a great close up,intimate performance that I will always remember.

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    • anonymous


      Rodahal - Kerkrade, Netherlands on 19 Sep 1986

      I have been there, Stevie was great, playing his guitar like a god, walking around with feather headdress, smoking some kind of a calumet (filled with drugs given by "Bandidos") but his music: simply unforgettable!! Gues those who have been there too will agree!! Mario

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    • anonymous


      Congress Center Böblingen / Sindelfingen - Sindelfingen, Germany on 25 Sep 1986

      I was there. I knew he is good but what I experienced was very special for me. It was a rather small venue in a very small town and I stood less than three meters in front of him. Stevie did not take any notice of what was around him, he had his eyes closed most of the time and just played guitar. He played so intense, he was so much inside the guitar, he was actually the guitar himself! I was deeply impressed and I shall never forget that night. I worship Stevie Ray Vaughan ever since and I shall be a fan until I die. What a musician!

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