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The Beards

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      The Globe - Cardiff, UK on 16 Dec 2014

      Everything I hoped for and more!
      I arrived shortly after the doors opened, and from that moment on the atmosphere of sheer beardliness and beard appreciation was palpable! My beard, considered impressive among my friends, was comparably infantile to other concert-goers.

      I entertained some semblance of disappointment when I realised there was no support act, but quickly realised that this meant I was in for a night of unadulterated Beards and this momentary doubt evapourated in a cloud of straggly hairs!

      The band were incredible, hilarious, energetic, charismatic and thoroughly impressive. They played a number of songs off their new album, as well as some well-appreciated older songs, and each was a unique experience; the songs were unmistakeably those I'd come to adore before attendance, but came with added embellishments which made for a unique experience. The enjoyable-but-not-iconic 'My Baby Left Me For a Man Without a Beard' was transformed into an exquisite Blues extravaganza which showcased the bands musicianship greatly.

      With brief interludes of banter, and every song coming with a wonderful display of beard stroking, The Beards performed almost exactly the way I'd imagined (the "almost" coming from the fact that I couldn't have predicted quite how incredible they'd be!) and even the excessive chanting from the audience (which soared past the line of excessive) was met with humorous retorts.

      All in all, The Beards earned far beyond their welcome in Wales, and will hopefully be coming back again soon.
      Fantastic furry fun!

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