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The Enid


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    • anonymous


      Webster's Theatre - Glasgow, UK on 07 Mar 2015

      A fantastic concert, I last saw the Enid in 1983 and things have moved on quite a bit. A friend spotted the concert and bought me a ticket, I had no idea that the concert was a theatrical event, however, the video backdrop and the music went together perfectly, the video really enhanced the effect of the music. And as for the band, I have seldom seen a group of that quality playing so tightly together, all the instrumentalists were fantastic, Robert did not sing or really speak to the audience, leaving the frontman role to the vocalist, who has an incredible range. All in all, even though I only recognised two (maybe 3) tracks, it was a wonderful night, interesting music played and sang by a bunch of superlative musicians. I am so glad I went! There was a technical hitch part way through the second act, however this just gave Robert (keyboards) and the vocallist a chance to perform a song without any midi driven aids while the system was rebooted, that worked well as well!
      Great night! Only thing which stopped it being perfection was the lack of bass in the PA or maybe the lack of a bass player, some of the music I did know needed a bit more "umph".

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