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      Herkulessaal der Residenz München - Munich, Germany on 27 Sep 2015

      At the beginning there was a shy and nervous boy trying to make his balloon of dreams and wishes fly. He was standing at the microphone and was not able to talk to the audience which was awaiting nothing more than something epic. After the songs from the current album Resonance and three additional performances (Teleconnect Pt 1, If I Was & Goodbye 20th Century) there was a proud and strong man seeing his airship flying high up in the sky - as most of the audience. Ronan Harris and the Babelsberg Filmorchestra moved into another dimension, where electronic music and classical instruments were in perfect harmony - and they took the audience with them. As Ronan was singing in the beginning: "I've been waiting - all my life" I guess he only realised during this concert that this evening was one he was indeed waiting for. He felt like being in heaven. Us listeners, too. Thank you for seeing you living a dream, growing in confidence and realising what you were sharing tonight with us.

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