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Chadwick Stokes SOURCE

20th Century Theatre - Cincinnati, US

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3021 Madison Road, 45209

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    • anonymous


      The sound quality was crisp and clear, even from the front row. (Usually to me, it sounds a little nicer toward the middle/back of the room in a venue like 20th century theatre.) Big Thief stole the show from the start (pun absolutely intended). Adrianne and Buck are two of the coolest people I've had the chance to meet, and they blew me away with their songs. It's always nice to be SO entranced by the opening act that you temporarily forget the reason you're there.
      Then Chad and his team of beautiful noisemakers took the spotlight, beginning with a chilling version of "Pine Needle Tea"
      Fresh strings on Chad's guitar reflected light all around. The band was improvising on a lot of the material and it worked out beautifully. By the end of the evening everyone was clapping and singing, and although it was a small crowd, it was one of my favorite concerts to date. I look forward to hearing more from Big Thief, and of course I'll be jumping at the next chance to support Chad's music, and all of his outlets. Thanks Chad, thanks Big Thief. Truly a remarkable experience.

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    • anonymous


      Chad is an amazing artist and person. The venue was beautiful. Every bit worth the 2 hour drive from Indianapolis!

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