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The Red Paintings SOURCE

Scruffy City Hall - Knoxville, US

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32 Market Sq., 37902

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    • NBKGault


      Not only the best band I've ever seen at Scruffy or the Pub, but no band that I had never heard of until the night I saw the has ever made a stronger 1st impression then The Red Paintings did this night! I actually came there to see the Prince Tribute band (which was a huge disappointment, and buzzkill), and now it will always be a funny story as to how I came to discover The Red Paintings. I left with buying 1 of their shirts, and it likely won't be the last as I am now a full blown fan. PLEASE bring them back ASAP, and this time let them have the stage the whole night to themselves!!! Thank you for bringing them into my music world!!

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