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The Red Paintings SOURCE

The Masquerade - Purgatory Stage - Atlanta, US

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      A very intimate setting and an emotional show to go with it, my 5th time seeing The Red Paintings but an entirely different show to their regular ones, the crowd was tiny and Trash became much more open about his mindset and the difficulties and emotional stress of touring America and dealing with deaths close to you. Trash powered through this to continue playing despite wanting to finish 4 songs early at Wasps and you could only feel understanding and sympathetic when he couldn't bring himself to play Mad World in dedication to Xander. It was emotional but the music was just as beautiful as it has been every other time I have seen TRP live. Shout out to Alix on violin for being lovely and posing for a pic and talking to us before and after the show <3. Also a shout out to the drunk guy who came on stage for Fall of Rome making a memory that I definitely won't forget, I'm pretty sure he took my shirt home.

      As for the opening bands, the first was a pretty generic sounding but decent enough country/indie band that you would expect from the south of USA, it was an enjoyable experience and a good warm up act, the main singer who played keyboard, harmonica and guitar was particularly talented.

      The second warm up act was a mess and the less said about them is probably for the best but it didn't dampen the fantastic experience of seeing The Red Paintings live in this setting.

      Also the concert info needs to be corrected as this show happened on the Purgatory Stage at Masquerade not the Hell Stage.

      Happy Birthday Trash!

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