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The Red Paintings SOURCE

The Rainbow - Birmingham, UK

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      Absolutely love The Red Paintings! I've seen them 3 times now and will go back for more. Why don't they get bigger audiences?? They so deserve a breakthrough!
      On the other hand, the intimacy of the gig - there were about 30 of us at the Rainbow last night - added to the allure. As did the temporary breakdown of the equipment - the band just talked to us instead, until the Stereo Juggernaut's front man saved the day. And then they rocked!! A mixture of new songs, rarely played Tears for Fears classic "Mad World" and some of my all-time favourites from their awesome "The Revolution is Never Coming" album, the band pulled it off; sadly cut short only by the dreaded curfew, not by lacking enthusiasm. Arguably the star of the band, Trash McSweeney, modest and nondescript in his day clothes, morphed into his flamboyant on-stage persona. He delivered in true rockstar style, but also showed his approachable, human side. However, the girls rocked, too: can't beat an electric violin in a theatrical, orchestral art-rock band, and Alix Kol is an expert on her instrument, at times stealing the show with her emotive solos and. I take my hat off to the petite bass player and powerful drummer, too: in the male-dominated rock world, these girls give the guys a run for their money!
      The Awesome Red Paintings, please come back to Birmingham soon!

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